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"Death in the Family" is the second tale in the eighteenth episode of the thirteenth season of The Nolseep Podcast. In it, a woman is stalked after her father dies. Written by Joe Sullivan, it has a runtime of 17:57 and was performed by Addison Peacock, Jeff Clement, Nikolle Doolin, and Dan Zappulla. It is the 1643rd tale overall on the podcast.


Julia is heartbroken over the recent death of her father. In a strained relationship with her drug-addicted mother, she found comfort in going to the movies with him at the theater which he owned. To comfort herself, she still goes to there a few times a week.

One day, while alone at a movie, she sees a stranger with a green parka and dark glasses sitting a few rows behind, staring at her. She becomes unnerved and leaves, telling her father's former assistant who now owns the theater, Rodney, about the figure. He agrees to keep an eye out for them. Over the next few months, the stranger appears at the same movies as her sporadically, sometimes leaving notes with her name on them. Opening them, she finds pleas to talk to her and confessions of missing her.

On Christmas Eve, Julia attends a screening before she plans to head to her Aunt Kathy's house for dinner. She greets Rodney in the lobby, who informs her that he hasn't seen the figure for quite some time. While the movie plays, she notices the stranger sitting a few rows behind her again. She escapes the theater with the stranger in pursuit. After being alerted, Rodney searches the theater but is unable to find the figure.

Julia heads to her aunt's house, where her uncle informs her that her mother was found dead a few hours before. Rushing to the scene, she finds the police and paramedics, in addition to Kathy. A medical examiner reveals she has been dead for weeks and hands Julia the suicide note. Reading it, she discovers that some sentences are identical to ones found on the stranger's notes. She notices an old green parka hanging over the arm of a chair.


Addison Peacock as Julia

Jeff Clement as Rodney

Nikolle Doolin as Aunt Kathy

Dan Zappulla as the medical examiner