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"The Midnight Man" is the second tale in the first episode of the first season of The Nosleep Podcast. It concerns a man disbelieving in the existence of a supernatural creature. Written by V. Rusanovsky, it has a running time of 7:12 and was originally performed by Alex Beal. It is 2nd tale overall on the podcast.


A man has been reading about a mysterious being known as "The Midnight Man". The man doubts the being's existence fervently. One night soon afterwards, he goes to take his dog out for a walk when he sees a strange figure standing near his neighbor's mailbox. Frightened, he carries his dog inside and shuts the blinds, but the dog will not stop barking at the covered window. The man notices with horror that his dog is following a scratching sound around the outside of his house, even when it reaches the edge of the hill the house stands on and would therefore have to be extremely tall.

The man grabs his dog and runs into his bedroom, turning on all the lights and putting a chair in front of the door. The scratching continues all around until it stops right over his bed, where it intensifies. This is followed shortly by all the lightbulbs bursting in the house, leaving it in complete darkness. The chair slides away from the door on its own and a tall, shadowy figure enters. It stares at the man, says, "Tomorrow night, then." and departs, leaving the man terrified of what will happen the next night.